Ward 11 needs a City Councillor who can build community, create consensus, and lead positive change.

I've spent 14 years in healthcare and social services, helping London's most vulnerable overcome barriers and access the supports they deserve in order to thrive. 

I've also spent over a decade as a volunteer, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for deserving recipients, leading organizations through monumental change, and organizing hundreds of events to bring community together. 

I'm ready to become your councillor and connect with you to build an even better and more inclusive Ward 11 and London, both for us and for future generations to come.

Check out my about me, platform, media and endorsement pages to learn more about me as a candidate, and volunteer, donate, or request a sign pages to see the ways that you can help our team win.  


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A huge part of building community and consensus is listening and responding.  Send us a note and we will get back to you quickly.

Jeremy McCall, Ward 11 City Council Candidate 2022-2026


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