About Me

Who is the giant dad?

I'm Jeremy.  

I'm 36.  

I'm married with three small children.

I live in London, Ontario, Canada.

I'm 6'9".  

Yes I used to play basketball.  Yes I can still dunk.  

I'm a survivor of all of the main and worst types of childhood abuse.   I bent but I didn't break.

I had goals of being a professional athlete.  I had contract offers.  I also had 7 operations on the same knee and was told I would never run again.  Lie detector test determined that was a lie.

I had two paths I could choose. On one, I could be angry at the world for the hand I was dealt, and self indulge my way to an early grave or jail cell.  

I chose the path less travelled and quadrupled down on being better than my circumstances, and to leave the most positive mark possible on this world.

When I'm not living a life full of love, laughter, and too much grey/white hair for my age with my wife and three little kids, I am always trying to give back.

I've spent the past twelve years working in healthcare and social services, supporting people living with mental health issues, chronic illness, and navigating the plight of trying to make it in this world when facing barriers related to disability.

In my limited free time, I co-founded and am the President of Dad Club London, a registered non-profit comprised of 1,300 member dads from across my region.  We offer support, education, advocacy, and connecting services for dads and their kids, with the mission of creating better dads, a stronger community, and a brighter future for our children.  

In six short years, we have hosted hundreds of events, attended by thousands of dads and kids, and have raised over $130,000 for charity and people in need.  None of us are paid for our time, and we receive no public or sustained funding for our efforts. 

When I'm not trying to change the world or spending time with my family, I enjoy fitness, food, reading, coffee, scotch, writing, and movies.  

Thanks for following my journey.  Please reach out if I can help you on yours in any way.