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Listen to what other people say

In my current role, I work in non-profit Employment Services, helping people with barriers to work find jobs. I've witnessed first hand that when you give someone an opportunity to talk about themselves, there's no guarantee that it is true or accurate. Because of this, I'm a huge believer in listening to reputable individuals as a second source of information before making an important decision.

Recently while emptying out old file folders to reuse in storing campaign material, I found some interesting dcuments to share.

From when I was a kid, I always wanted to be a police officer. Prior to becoming a dad in 2013, I applied to a number of local organizations between 2010 and 2012. Usually asking for 3 or 4 reference letters, I generally always go above and beyond and got nine to include with my application packages. Check out the below link for a #ThrowbackThursday , but one day late, to see what people said about me as a person and an employee before Dad Club London even existed.

It's one thing to let a candidate talk about themselves, it's another to see what those who work and collaborate with and supervise them say. Click below to read about me as an employee.

Nine reference letters (link to Google Drive)

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