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Life is to be lived one day at a time.

Life's direction is selected one choice at a time.

Choose to be honest with yourself.

Choose to be honest with others.

Choose to live with kindness.

Choose to smile.

Choose to laugh.

Choose the harder things with the bigger payoffs in the end.

Choose to test your limits

Choose to set your own boundaries. And keep them.

Choose to tell yourself I CAN do this. Because you can.

Choose to move and be active. Every single day.

Choose sleep. You're wasting the few hours of every day if you aren't rested.

Choose to put healthy things into your body. You wouldn't put sugar in a gas tank either

Choose to cheer for yourself. Even if you don't feel like other people are.

Choose to tell people how you feel. Don't leave it unsaid, chances aren't guaranteed.

Choose to expand your mind, see the opinions of others, and always be reading.

Choose to lead. Everyone needs another's example to follow.

Choose to take the high road. Life is full of people racing to the bottom with anger or fear

Choose to ask for help. People care about you and want to support you.

Choose to set goals and to chase them. You can do the things you want to do.

Choose to be free. Free from self-doubt and the need for validation from others.

Choose to be grateful. Write down three things every day you're grateful for.

Choose to check in with others. If you make them a priority, they will do the same.

Choose to go first. People like being greeted and acknowledged.

Choose the people in your corner. They're on your side.

Choose to be excited. Every day can be like Christmas when you were 7. If you want it to.

Choose to speak your truth. Many people won't know it unless you tell them.

Choose to fight. Life is hard. It has obstacles. It's full of greed and hurt. If you let it.

Choose your future. Save money. Be good to the earth. Have options.

Choose to do the right thing. It's easy to find something and pocket it. Hard to find owner.

Choose to put out into the world what you want the world to give you. People will notice.

Choose your kids. Your phone, followers, likes, texts, emails, messages can wait.

Choose to remember. Take photos. Videos. Write about what happened and how you felt.

Choose to reminisce. Show your kids photos of your past. Tell stories. Share the old you.

Choose to build new memories. Clear your calendar. Be silly. Do stuff from childhood.

Choose to live in the moment. Who TF cares what anyone else is doing. F FOMO.

Choose serenity. Resentment, frustration, and anger will hold you down and back.

Choose to make amends. Even if you didn't mean to do it, you did it. Validate.

Choose to let go. Most likely, anyone else involved has already forgotten.

Choose to start every day with a smile, a hop in your step, and a chance to be great.

Choose you. Other people will choose you too.

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