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Ward 11 All Candidates Meeting Recap

Last night, 3 of the 5 Ward 11 candidates met at Goodwill for an All Candidates Debate hosted by Urban League of London. I was well prepared and rocking a fresh haircut and beard trim from my friends at Phanner's, and a new shirt that Mrs. McCall picked out and purchased for me. The event was great, and my opponents were consummate professionals. There was a strong mix of questions set by the hosts and submitted by the attendees, which gave a good mix of how well can the candidates prepare for questions they know and how well they can answer on the fly for questions they weren't aware of.

Megan Stacey wrote a very thorough and accurate recap of the event, which can be found here:

I've played it a bit coy leading up to the debate, and am proud that I showed the audience how serious of a candidate I really am. It will take a well-rounded, strong, motivated and engaged leader to take Ward 11 to the heights its capable of, and I truly feel I have the right combination of knowledge, skills, abilities, soft skills, and hard skills to perform to a level that our residents deserve.

Myself, my campaign manager Jo-Dee, and event attendee Didi

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