• JMac

Tomorrow I will

Tomorrow is Friday,

Tomorrow is a workday.

Tomorrow is a school day.

Tomorrow is a daycare day.

Tomorrow is one of my on average 27,375 days on this earth.

Tomorrow is a day to get a workout in and to eat healthy food, minus my wife and I's traditional Friday night movie, wine, and takeout.

Tomorrow is pizza and movie night with the kids.

Tomorrow I will be grateful for everything good in my life.

Tomorrow I will let people who appreciate me know that I appreciate them in return.

Tomorrow I will cherish the giddy screams of "DADDY", the pattering feet, the squirming into my lap.

Tomorrow I will smile and say hello to those I make eye contact with. I will go first.

Tomorrow I will not half ass anything I put my efforts into.

Tomorrow I will be good to myself and not take ambiguous or harmless things to heart.

Tomorrow, I will serve as a positive example for my kids, my friends, my co workers, and my fellow citizens.

Tomorrow I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

Tomorrow I will breathe deep, share my thoughts with the world, move, laugh, and smile.

Tomorrow I will make count, and do it to the fullest.

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