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The little things count

Updated: Aug 12

When I filed as a candidate for this fall’s election, I was extremely impressed by the talent and professionalism exhibited at the elections office.

With that said, as someone who is constantly striving to do better, small opportunities to improve also always stand out to me.

On April 23, 2019 our City Council declared a climate emergency. (click for link)

This was a wake up call that we all need to do more now to prevent an ultimate destination that we don’t our future generations to end up in.

Now, I’ll never fault anyone ever for doing their job and doing it well, and want to be abundantly clear that the below example is just one of many opportunities that we as a city can simply do differently and make small changes that lead to big improvements.

As part of my registration package, I received a 129 page paper package called “City of London Street Index”.

Of those 129 pages, only 10 applied to me in Ward 11. Obviously the mayoral candidates need the whole thing, and Trustee candidates cover multiple wards, so they aren’t included in these calculations.

Right now there’s 43 Council candidates as of today.

If all 43 got roughly 119 pages of paper they didn’t need, that works out to 5,117 exceess pages, or over 10 reams of paper.

When I joined the London Public Library Board of Directors, the default was to receive the monthly board package at the time by private courier. I asked to opt out and get it on my iPad, as saving paper and delivery costs are both beneficial to all of us. Identifying an opportunity to request that in the future, candidates can either receive a paper package for only the Ward(s) they run in, or a purely digital copy, will save our city money and also better protect our environment for our future. If I'm elected, I'll see this though as I keep meticulous lists and am very task oriented. The little things count.

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