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My Ward 11

Delivering a tea and a sign to a renter on Grand Ave

My Ward 11 will be a place where everyone feels they have a voice. Including renters, new Londoners, new Canadians, low income individuals, families, and children. You reach out to your Councillor, he responds and listens to your concern and treats it with the respect it deserves and you walk away feeling like you're represented by someone who is working hard and doing a good job.

My Ward 11 will be a place where parents shouldn't have to worry about their children's safety anytime they agree to let them play outside or ride a bike. My Ward 11 won't have overflowing garbage cans outside of our coffee shop patios, and its patrons having to decide how many wasp stings are worth sunshine and fresh air while enjoying an ethically sourced beverage from a locally owned shop.

This intersection, Wortley and Craig, has been asking for a larger bin with divided sections for garbage and recycling for years and gotten nowhere.

If this requires a fundraiser for private purchase, then let's get it started. Solutions-focused is what we all deserve.

Garbage can on the SE corner of Wortley and Askin. And it gets way more full than this.

My Ward 11 will be a place where if I win, my re election will be on the job I did and not on the number of signs I put up or how big they are.

This represents about 80 meals I could've bought from local restaurants and delivered to people on the streets. So wasteful.

My Ward 11 will have a frequent e-newsletter and regular in person meetings for residents to learn about what's happening and give input on planning and decisions and priorities.

My Ward 11 will fight to have more places for kids to meet and play that aren't owned by the TVDSB. And safe places for adults to exercise in the method of their choosing. If Komoka can have outdoor exercise equipment at their park, why not us?

My Ward 11 will add more events to. bring the community together that offer more activities to appeal to children of all ages. And they won't involve gouging hard working families one $6 60 second ride or cup of lemonade at a time. My Ward 11 will bring engaged community members together and strive to support and expand the Kensall Park soccer organization east of Wharncliffe, and a new baseball league for neighbourhood kids, and possibly a basketball organization if the school board can support the local gym access. Dad Club London started with 4 dads around a table. Parents shouldn't have to drive to Westmount or Byron or White Oaks for their kids to get exercise in an organized team structure while learning essential life skills in the process.

My Ward 11 will bring engaged residents and parents together to protect the cherished community events we are in danger of losing due to a lack of organizers and make them even better. I've helped organize over 500 events bringing community together.

As your Ward 11 councillor, I will never speak to you (or not respond to you at all) in the way that many residents report having been addressed or not addressed under previous leadership. We all deserve better. And I'll do my best day in and out for all the right reasons. I've been doing it every day as an employee, resident, and volunteer since moving here in June 2011, and I'll do it on an even bigger scale if elected as your councillor on October 24 2022. Take a minute to check out what I've been able to accomplish as a volunteer on my "About Me" page..

It will give you an idea of how much more I can accomplish as a paid employee on behalf of our Ward and our city. First step requires me getting elected. To ensure that requires your vote.

To make that happen:

Make sure you're on the voting list here and add yourself if you're not.

Once you check that you're on the voting list, it will give you locations for both advance polls and Election Day voting location for your address.

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