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It's been quite the week...and why vote Jer?

Updated: Sep 23

Lots has gone down since I last checked in:

- Firstly, the Ward 11 All Candidates Meeting has been posted on YouTube here . Although it was my first ever debate and it had its share of hiccups, I'm happy with my performance overall and based on the feedback received I REALLY opened many eyes in terms of how strong of a candidate I really am.

- I released my full 10 point strategic plan the day after the ACM. It can be found here on my platform page . This strategic plan was created as the result of months worth of meetings at the doors, over the phone and social media, and with leading experts in the areas that matter to Londoners and Ward 11 residents most. My plan is pragmatic, executable, and I expect that I will have the support needed to move forward on many of these items in a practical fashion if elected.

- CHAOS hit my campaign over the last weekend. I'm going to need a full night just to update my media section. An example of what I mean can be found here. I'm happy to turn a negative into a positive, will not be scared or deterred, and am taking this as a sign that I am doing a great job.

- Canvassing continues every single night, with the exception of tomorrow where I will be tied up chairing a board meeting. We are having a ton of fun and getting new sign requests nightly. If you would like a sign click here or to help out, click here

- One thing I've been working on is the shameless self promotion piece of being a candidate. I've been letting people know that I'm the most well rounded candidate in the race, because my resume as a whole is tough to beat. I'll explain further:

A good City Councillor fulfills three roles: constituency work, governance, and budgeting

Constituency Work:

I worked in inpatient mental health care from 2008 until 2013, and have worked in community case work from 2013 to present. Outside of work, I've spent over nine years as the de facto case manager for dads in need as the President of Dad Club London. I've managed up to 2,000 client files on my own, and this is second nature to me. I've also raised close to a million dollars for people and organizations who needed it. ($540,000 in a paid role, and over $400,000 as a volunteer between Dad Club London, Mountsfield, Anova, and Parkinson Society Southwestern Ontario.). When many people in Ward 11 have an issue, they don't reach out to City Hall. They reach out to me. They know I understand issues, can identify solutions, and will see them through to resolution. Being there for people is an exercise in accessibility, follow through, transparency, and consistency. I live these values daily, and it really shows.


I started my own non-profit from scratch in 2013. This includes setting up bylaws and starting a board from scratch. I've also sat on more committees than I can remember, whether it be governance, CEO evaluation, Special Education Advisory Committee (both boards), Child and Youth Network, All Kids in Camp, Fundraising Committees for multiple charities, Health and Wellness, Marketing and Communications, Social Committee, Membership, Ontario Hotel Restaurant and Motel Association, Brain Health Network, Employment Sector Council's Job Developers Network, and many others. When you truly strive to get involved and support and make change, the opportunities are endless. I've written bylaws, updated bylaws, and researched and executed best practices as part of providing good governance. Over and over again. I'm known as a consensus builder, a fixer, a solver, an ideas and energy person, and someone who gets results.


I've spent the last four years on a city Agency, Board, and Commission. I am familiar with the City's highly effective multi-year budgeting process, and have helped oversee an eight figure budget as part of that tenure. I have also managed budgets in the five figure ranges for Dad Club London and Mountsfield Home and School. Personally, my financial affairs are fully in order, and my wife and I are frequent contributors to charity despite our public servant status, as outlined on my disclosures page. I also have lived experience as someone who grew up in extreme poverty, and am able to use my skills in financial oversight, budgeting, fundraising, networking, and collaboration to identify priorities, ask difficult questions, seek input, and make difficult decisions. A municipal government cannot operate in a deficit, and in tumultuous economic times, our range in abilities to pay increases in property taxes has to be considered while prioritizing how to address the large list of needs in our city.

Ultimately, there's a lot of work to do. If you want to have a leader who you can reach out to, access, have fulsome conversations with, feel supported by, and has the experience and wisdom to do a job that you can be proud of, vote for me on October 24th.

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