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Everyone's a critic

I can't believe it's been 11 days since my last post. It's definitely far more easy than I expected to get lost in the shuffle and to neglect finding a few minutes for the little things.

February has been a good month. I've managed to spend more time outdoors, more time making good choices and putting myself first, and more time doing things I enjoy. I even finished my first audiobook!

Fresh Off The Boat was an excellent book I read last year. I really identified with Eddie Huang's story of growing up an outsider obsessed with hip hop and basketball in the 90s. I forgot to cancel my audible free trial, and ended up with an extra credit after getting the audiobook of "Can't Hurt Me", so I used it on "Double Cup Love", which was the follow up to Fresh Off The Boat. They're both excellent and have really made me want to explore and learn more about cooking on a more than surface level.

The other reason I haven't been writing as much recently was a brief foray off the path due to influences that at the time were outside of my control. As part of grabbing headlines recently, the internet trolls and tough guys came out from their bridges and basements and started flinging some mud. People I hadn't encountered in years popped up in online comment sections making outrageous claims about me due to long held grievances. I was sent some threats and horribly unwell wishes privately as well. "I hope your family dies in a car crash".

Reading on Reddit all about how you're a narcissist (?) and a bunch of other nonsense makes for a fun read. Also, finding out a reddit mod is a person that you had to ban from your non profit for threatening members, and is now using their reddit platform to anonymously spread nonsense about you is a good time,

Part of transitioning to adulthood and fatherhood that I've struggled with is to let go of and not listen to those reactionary instincts and knee-jerk reactions. My instincts when people take opportunities to spread nonsense and threaten me online for being in the spotlight tell me to fight. Fight until I break their spirit and snatch their soul. The pragmatist in me reminds me that it looks more like World War Z, and that the internet is full of stupid people, and that if you crush one then six more people are going to take their place.

The London Ontario Reddit Comment Sections

SO, yeah. At the end of the day, I let some people temporarily get to me.

Some dude who I have blocked on social media for threatening my family after being removed from my non profit for using racial slurs was apparently blowing up comment sections calling me a criminal. Interestingly enough, I had to call LPS on him. I pass vulnerable sector background checks on the regular. He, not so much.

Another wonk was on reddit making false claims about things I do as a volunteer, because once again he couldn't handle being a part of something awesome as a dad and has to subsequently lash out through the only way he feels any power and control. Congratulations on being a reddit mod, champ. Really changing the world, one anonymous snarky comment at a time.

Other people chimed in because they're irrelevant and it makes them feel sad. One person even had to point out that I've deleted their anonymous comments on these blog posts and turned off commenting on other blog posts like it's a bad thing.

Buddy, if you want to write stupid things on the internet with zero accountability for them, then go buy your own Wix site. It's extremely affordable and so simple to use, I promise. I last made a website on geocities in the ninth grade and even I have figured it out.

At the end of the day, I've had my needed time to be mad. A wise friend of mine said it best - "a man with no enemies is a man who has done nothing", and "take criticism as a compliment." Now, I'm chilling. Can't hurt me.

See you all at the finish line. I'll be the one with my feet up, sipping something cold and enjoying the shade while you internet tough guys drag your sorry asses through the dirt on your hands and knees. Seacrest out.

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