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Earning It

A good sign it's my birthday - I'm drinking a giant free birthday drink from Starbucks

Yesterday, I turned 39. Time flies.

It was a much needed day of rest, relaxation, outdoor, and family time. A perfect campaign trail break.

It makes my heart soar when legends in the social services field want to come help me campaign

With that said, time for another edition of 5 quick things: 1. I've had a lot of meetings. Meetings at the door with Ward 11 residents and meetings with experts on the issues affecting London. I'll release more in terms of a path forward once my last two major areas are covered.

2. The last time I went door to door prior to this election was trying to sell painting contracts in Byron and Oakridge as an employee of College Pro Painters in 2005. A night and day difference in reception from Ward 11 folks.

3. Yard sign requests are continuing to come in. It's the ultimate compliment to my efforts for people to reach out and ask to have my mug on their front lawn for the next two months. Thank you to all who have reached out and requested a sign, my team has been doing a great job with getting them distributed.

4. Someone reached out for help paying their neighbour's rent in Old South after they were in an accident. They reached out to me, and no one else which was very flattering. Rent is paid and hope is restored.

5. Campaigning definitely does a number on you health wise. I've been dealing with a pinched nerve in my neck since June from a weightlifting injury. Add in getting my son's summer camp cough and the blisters from all of the walking and it's almost like we need an election candidate injury report.

I will continue to put in the effort every single day until Election Day, as I've earned every single thing I've ever accomplished and that won't change anytime soon. Off to breakfast to chat my candidacy and this campaign with a local media legend. Thanks everyone, enjoy your Tuesday!

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