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A statement from my campaign on the July 16 2022 Wortley Pride event:

Tomorrow brings an exciting milestone for Ward 11 – The first ever Wortley Pride festival.

As much as I would love to meet as many Ward 11 residents as possible at any event in our community, this is one event that I will not be participating in as a City Council candidate. As a cisgender straight white male, Pride is not about me and my personal agenda. I have deliberately chosen to not centre myself at this wonderful community event, and will instead be enjoying it with my family. I have sent in donations to sponsor the event both as an individual and on behalf of my registered non-profit, Dad Club London, as Pride celebrations in our community deserve all of our support in as many ways as we can offer it. This statement is intended to clarify my lack of participation as a candidate as being a deliberate personal choice, and not due to a lack of interest.

I encourage all Londoners to come visit the festivities, beginning at 10 AM on the Wortley Village green.

The event schedule can be found here:

You can support Wortley Pride with your donations here:

If you spot me at the event tomorrow with my family, please feel free to say hello and I am excited to meet Ward 11 residents both at future events in our community, and also on your doorsteps as well. Congratulations to all who have made this fantastic event possible, and fingers crossed for great weather throughout the festivities.

Jeremy McCall

Candidate, Ward 11 City Councillor

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