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A Campaign Endorsement Letter

A longtime colleague reached out to me, wanting to endorse my campaign.

Justin Paisley; the first gentleman on the left in the above photo; is a father of three, a full time Educational Assistant, and one of the original founding members of the Dad Club London Board of Directors. Here is his endorsement of my campaign:

"Whether or not you know Jeremy, he can be easily recognized. Standing at nearly 6’10", he’s most likely the tallest person in that room. The only thing that’s bigger than him is his heart.

The year was 2014. I had been a stay at home dad for almost a year. In a world where I felt I was often the only dad at playgrounds or play groups, and that my fellow dad friends were all at work, I was feeling alone.

What came along? Dad Club London.

I reached out to Dad Club London at the end of 2014 and, long story short, have been a member ever since.

I have had the absolute privilege of working closely with Jeremy on the Board of Directors and helping organize a variety of events.

From meet ups to fundraising for other non-profit organizations in London, to helping families in the community, Jeremy sees what is needed. With Dad Club London, which has more members than I can count, I have always been impressed with Jeremy’s memory for names of Dads, the jobs they do, even their kids names!

Jeremy has a talent in foreseeing what’s in need for the London community. In recognizing that there was a gap for a community of dads, he then took the lead on fundraising for fellow non-profit organizations such as Anova, life-saving projects like purchasing AEDs for TVDSB and starting a food bank at SafeSpace, and helping people pay for their rent and groceries and other essentials during the pandemic.

If you have concerns about your neighborhood that haven’t been addressed, I am confident that Jeremy will fight for what’s needed in Ward 11 and will see them through to your full satisfaction. He personifies resilience and kindness.

I do live JUST outside of the boundaries of Ward 11, but I assure you that if I did live in this fine London neighbourhood, Jeremy would have my vote.

⁃ Justin Paisley"

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