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A campaign endorsement from Kelly Elliott, Deputy Mayor of Thames Centre, ON

When I was a child fleeing domestic violence, strong women leaders gave myself, my mom, and my sister safe places to stay and the support needed to press forward.

As a community leader, I support and collaborate with strong female leaders on the issues that matter to us most; including gender based violence, poverty, homelessness, and creating opportunities for jobs and a healthier economy.

My campaign team and. I are honoured to receive the endorsement of Kelly Elliott, Deputy Mayor of Thames Centre and current candidate for Mayor of Thames Centre. Kelly and I have collaborated on important projects together, and she is a fierce supporter of issues that matter to me, including responsible development, jobs, and children's rights to safety and education.

If elected, I will continue to collaborate with leaders across our region like Kelly and collectively continue moving forward one of the fastest growing areas in our region, together.


"I first met Jeremy in 2017 when I collaborated with Andrew’s Legacy to mandate AEDs (automated external defibrillators) in all Thames Valley District School Boards. When it seemed that the cost was prohibitive for TVDSB to implement this policy, Jeremy in his position as Dad Club’s President, stepped up to the plate with a sizable donation to see this policy through.

Since then, I have witnessed countless acts of kindness and generosity that have been spear-headed by Jeremy and the Dad Club of London. Jeremy never shies away from a challenge when it comes to helping those in need - big or small. Most recently with newly formed monthly regional meet-ups, Jeremy has organized how we can help others. His actions never cease into how he can leave the world a better place. The compassion, empathy and humbleness that Jeremy leads within the community is truly inspiring.

I have no doubts at all that these same characteristics and actions that make the City of London lucky to have Jeremy as a community leader, will also make the City of London extremely lucky to have Jeremy as a City Councillor in Ward 11. Jeremy will tackle every issue with the same humility we see everyday from him, and London will only benefit from that.

Kelly Elliott

Deputy Mayor, Thames Centre"

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