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5 Quick updates from the campaign trail - August 27 edition

Canvassing near Wonderland and Commissioners with Antonio and Jameson

  1. The amount of love and positivity my campaign is experiencing, both over social media and in person is inspiring. It's reassuring to raise my family in a neighbourhood that celebrates diversity, has a strong relationship with nature, and gets energized by new ideas .

  2. At Paws On The Green, we spoke with over 200 people, and had some great conversations. The three most frequently mentioned concerns were speeding in neighbourhoods, a lack of care for trees, and crumbling infrastructure in Ward 11. If elected, no one will second guess whether or not Ward 11 is a priority at city hall.

  3. Our campaign team took our first foray into western Ward 11. Residents spoke of their streets being used as a race track because they are so straight and wide, and also of supporting more housing but experiencing first hand a development process that isn't transparent or consistent enough. Wings and a milkshake at Fatty Patty's afterwards were excellent.

  4. Little signs continue to be installed by request, and we are about halfway through order #1. Big sign order goes in on Monday. It's a tough balance knowing what you can do for folks in need with the $950 you spent on signs, but also knowing that you're in a competitive race and need to connect with as many voters as possible.

  5. Although this is the busiest I've been in some time, you're never too busy for community or friendship. On Tuesday we had a Twitter meet up that also raised $350 for the Dorchester Food Bank. On Thursday Dad Club London celebrated one of our board members' birthdays at Storm Stayed.

Assisting the Antler River Rally Cleanup along the TVP

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