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2009-2019 in review part 2 - we invented the remix

Can't stop, won't stop. Uhuh uhuh

So, same song, I'm back, been around the world.....

We left off at the end of 2014, in the first half of my whimsical decade in review. In the name of brevity, I'm going to try to keep it on point, topical, and chock full of insightful recollections.

New Years Eve 2015:

Highlights (in chronological, not signficance order I swear):

- My oldest ate her first shawarma to kick off the new year. Oh, my heart!

- My buddy Scott and I hit up Toronto for a private box Raptors game with another local friend and about 25 friends from the internet. We had a BLAST. I still play fantasy basketball with this crew five years later and have a year round group chat with them, after meeting all but one of them on facebook

- I visited my old high school and found out my handsome face is still on the wall

- My oldest and I continue to grow our relationship and bond on deeper levels every single day

- One day when my wife went to work for 12 hours, oldest and I snuck to Woodstock and traded her go-kart death trap Toyota Corolla in for a sweet sweet old man style fully family sized plus the family next door Toyota Avalon. It felt like a romantic move at the time, but five years later I look back in shock that she didn't shank me. I was thinking of my growing family and their safety, I swear!

A few days later she was pulling into work parking garage while a World War 1 veteran was pulling out. Both had windows down. He looked it up and down and said "nice car". She = mortified

- We welcomed the arrival of our second. She was our biggest baby, but is now our smallest kid. She's equal parts beautiful, hilarious, sweet, and absolutely nuts. She keeps us permanently on her toes and we love her so much for it.

- We bought a house two weeks before #2 arrived. It was the size we wanted and in our neighbourhood, but needed tons of work. We spent the next four months living on top of each other in a 550 square foot house, surrounded by love and craving sleep. Moving day eventually came and we tasted the joys of square footage, privacy, and freedom for the first time as a family of four.

The before and the after. SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!

- This is an actual screenshot of an actual google search result that my wife made in the summer of 2015. Yup, things were that bad. At least we had hope!

- Selling and buying a house was hard. We had the world's greatest realtor, Mr. Justin Konikow of Prime Real Estate, who started showing us houses when oldest was seven months old and took us to 44 showings over 18 months before we found the house we knew was perfect. He then deftly navigated our buying while waiting to burst out a baby like Sigourney Weaver in Alien 2, selling while having a newborn at home, and taking care of it all with supernatural levels of cheer. Beauty guy and a must-call for all your real estate needs.

- Between the buying, the selling, the showings, playing with the toddler, and trying to help my wife keep her sanity with the baby that hated sleep and food, I was TIRED. Pass out on the floor beside my dog while bouncing the baby in her vibrating chair tired.

- Two sisters fell in love.

- A guy came over from kijiji and bought my pre-reno fridge from the new house and then fell off a cruise ship and died the following weekend. It really put life into perspective and scared the shit out of me. Life insurance - bought. Wills - updated.

- We re branded Dad Club London into the renown sexiness you know today:

I taught my almost two year old the magic of DMX

- Dad Club made its first of many charitable donations to Children's Health Foundation

- I realized my wife might be the greatest person to walk the planet. Her ability to pour her everything into me and her kids day in and day out never ceases to stun me.

My best buddy got married!

- I had to get glasses. This picture makes me laugh because it's immediately after my eye exam and LOOK AT THOSE DILATED PUPILS WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE

- As parents, we learned the power of blendtec. Take everything your kids would never touch. Put it in a blender with some stuff they like. Push button, watch it all disappear, first into smoothie form, and then into their stomachs.

- We hit up our first of many Wiggles concerts. This year was the first we missed after five in a row.

- I realized that I had a Goodlife membership I was never using because I felt too guilty leaving for 90 minutes at a time for a workout. I cancelled it and used a year of fees to buy the stuff needed to begin a home gym. Thunder Dome 1.0 was formed.

- I learned the one and only rule of dress up with two little girls. YOU DRESS UP.

- We had our first of what is now many Dad Club Hair Schools at my house. Oldest was two here, and more interested in doing my hair than me hers.

- My wife and I learned how to prioritize over the holiday season.

- We had an amazing Christmas, which included our first professional photo shoot.

- Our New Years eve was quiet. First, we had an epic play doh playdate with the girls...

- And then, a Dick Clark and red wine playdate once the kids went to bed.....

I learned a lot in 2015. Mostly, that I could multi task and take on a lot more with my family than I ever expected. I also realized that my weight and health yo-yoed with my stress and emotions. Starting the Thunderdome definitely helped, but in hindsight I started avoiding scales and photos more in 2015 as my emotions drove my exercise (or lack thereof), and food intake. But we did it. We had a second kid, renovated, moved, laughed, loved, lived, and thrived.

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