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A leader. A listener. A helper.

Transparency, accountability, accessibility, and equity.


Why vote Jeremy for Ward 11?

Short answer: because I'm what you're likely looking for in a political representative.

When we vote someone into office, we do so with the expectation that they will spend their term listening, learning, helping, and leading.  

We see our values reflected in their efforts, words, and character. 

We hope that they will be there for us when we need them the most, and that they will use their role and resources and authority to go to bat for us. 

I believe that I am that candidate.

If I'm asked for help, I help if the request aligns with my own values and goals.

If I say I'm going to do something, I will do it.  

I'm transparent and accountable on the who, the what, and the why. 

You will not doubt that I care and that you have a representative at City Hall that truly wants what is best for our community and its residents.


Specific Priorities

This will continue to grow and evolve as I meet with Ward 11 Residents, and is a work in progress

I am approaching my campaign with specific priorities that I know matter to me, my family and my neighbours.  

They include:

  • Our environment

    • We are in the midst of a climate emergency

    • We must protect London's trees, green spaces, and ESA's

    • I would like to see cleaning and maintaining the Thames River become a priority for our City

  • Transit

    • We need a more robust, accessible, and efficient transit system​

    • Employees need to be able to get to work where they work and when they're needed to work there

    • Investments in transit will improve our workforce and help fight the climate emergency

  • Equity, diversity, and inclusion

    • I come from humble beginnings, having attended the most diverse school in our area while being raised by a single parent on disability​

    • I have dedicated my career to supporting persons with mental illness and disabilities

    • I am dedicated to combating Islamophobia, improving accessibility, and making diversity a priority in continuing to build our city

  • Housing

    • I've spent the last 10 Years supporting marginalized individuals and those living in poverty in areas such as finding and affording housing​

    • The wait list has grown every single year, and housing costs have grown every year as well

    • We need to make building housing and affordable housing a core priority over the next four years

  • Supporting local business

    • The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating on small businesses worldwide, forcing many closures and others to take on piles of debt​

    • I am committed to supporting businesses both in Ward 11 and city-wide as they attract investment, grow their customer base, provide employment opportunities, and continue to recover from two years of closures and restrictions

  • Safety

    • London is a great place to raise a family.  I am committed to ensuring our streets are safe, that traffic does not pose as a danger to our residents, and that our local social services and police force have the support they need to keep our residents safe and assist marginalized individuals in the pursuit of their own goals, well-being, and success​

  • ​Active transportation and recreation

    • London has beautiful parks and natural areas. I am committed to protecting and celebrating them, as I believe everyone can benefit from nature​

    • I love biking and walking the TVP and protected bike lanes with my family. I do not feel safe riding on city streets, either alone or with my children.  I hope to change this.

    • I believe in playgrounds and recreation facilities serving as essential third places that unite communities and neighbours as friends in shared experiences. I would like to see Ward 11 develop and grow their places for children to gather and play, and families to bond and connect

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    • Gas prices, housing, food, and inflation are out of control.  Property taxes continue to rise yearly, and wages are stagnating locally, with many jobs being underpaid or precarious work.  I pledge to always respect taxpayer dollars and be fiscally responsible in decision making​

    • I grew up with nothing, and appreciated everything I ever received. I have been able to accomplish tremendous good as a volunteer over the last decade, and with no sustained funding from the taxpayer.  I pledge to be efficient and diligent in budgeting and spending. Read more on my "About Me" and disclosures pages.