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Candidate Endorsements


Cheryl Miller - Former City Councillor and London Board of Education Trustee/Chair:

"Jeremy is authentic, smart and kind. He will be an amazing councillor for Ward 11 who will respond to his constituents and bring a bright light to council."


Kelly Elliott - Deputy Mayor/Mayoral Candidate, Thames Centre: 

"I first met Jeremy in 2017 when I collaborated with Andrew’s Legacy to mandate AEDs (automated external defibrillators) in all Thames Valley District School Boards. When it seemed that the cost was prohibitive for TVDSB to implement this policy, Jeremy in his position as Dad Club’s President, stepped up to the plate with a sizable donation to see this policy through. 


Since then, I have witnessed countless acts of kindness and generosity that have been spear-headed by Jeremy and the Dad Club of London. Jeremy never shies away from a challenge when it comes to helping those in need - big or small. Most recently with newly formed monthly regional meet-ups, Jeremy has organized how we can help others. His actions never cease into how he can leave the world a better place. The compassion, empathy and humbleness that Jeremy leads within the community is truly inspiring. 


I have no doubts at all that these same characteristics and actions that make the City of London lucky to have Jeremy as a community leader, will also make the City of London extremely lucky to have Jeremy as a City Councillor in Ward 11. Jeremy will tackle every issue with the same humility we see everyday from him, and London will only benefit from that."


Steve Holland - President, CUPE Local 101 (City of London):

If you have ever met Jeremy, you would know why he is and should be a City Councillor. He truly cares about his community and City. He fights for the underdog, he has already done so much for London. Having the chance to be a Councillor will give him the chance to change our City for the better. Jeremy is the real deal. He is a good man whom is a natural leader. Thanks Jeremy



Joel Harmer - Resident, Ward 11:

I’m excited for Jeremy to become my councillor in Ward 11. I’ve only ever reached out once to my city councillor for help and he couldn’t have cared less about my concern. I’ve seen Jeremy listen and solve problems as a dad club london member for the last five years and am confident he would do the same as my councillor!


Blair Hough - Board Member, Dad Club London:

Having met Jeremy shortly after moving to London, I can say with complete sincerity that he is one of the most welcoming, selfless, considerate people I've ever met.

Seeing the work that Jeremy has done through Dad Club London, and what that group has done for so many other people and groups across the city, lit a fire under me to get involved in the operation of the organization as well, to both help others and have the chance to work with, and learn from, Jeremy.

My only disappointment with Jeremy, is that he doesn't live in my ward, but should he be elected to council the people of Ward 11 can rest assured that they would be represented by a man who is eager to look out for their interests and wants to make a change for as many people as possible.


John Curtis - Owner, Brawny Movers

From humble beginnings to a fleet of trucks, Jeremy McCall has been a valued supporter of my local business and I've been honoured to give back to a few of the countless initiatives that Jeremy and his Dad Club London group have provided across London, Ontario. While most politicians are less than upstanding citizens, Jeremy McCall is a true role model for the type of man, individual, father and provider that many of us aspire to become.


Cora Waschkowski - Ward 11 resident and small business owner:

Jeremy McCall is someone who I trust absolutely to run for City of London Council for Ward 11.

He is a dedicated community member who spends hours learning about the true needs of his community (and the city as a whole), and following up personally, or through Dad Club London (of which he is a co-founder) where he always goes over and above to help those organizations or people in need of help or resources.


Jeremy has shown time and time again that he cares about what normal people care about; there is no hidden agenda, and his actions speak for themselves. Jeremy cares about family, community, safety for our children, elders and those with physical and emotional challenges.

Jeremy understands that time is valuable and will honour your time as well of you make any enquiries or asks of him. I could go on and on but will leave it here by saying that because if knowing Jeremy McCall, I have become a better community member.

He does not discriminate when it comes to giving or helping. His philanthropy personally and professionally know no bounds. So much so that I wrote an extensive application to have Jeremy McCall recognized for his great work in the Humanitarian category for the Mayors New Year’s Honour Roll, and he won that award in 2021.


I am a current resident of Ward 11, and have been for 10 years now. There are several things that need swift attention in our ward with regards to road safety, environment and recreation. I believe Jeremy McCall will be an excellent voice for our ward at City Hall.


Bruce Dust - Ward 10 Resident:

Jeremy is exactly the type of person our city needs as a Councillor: passionate, committed, respectful, willing to listen, and will stand up for the underdog. I wish I lived in Ward 11.


AJ Wray - Ward 11 Resident:

Jeremy is compassionate, thoughtful, and most of all, willing to listen and learn. As a renter in Old South, I know he won't forget that our neighbourhood should have space for all walks of life!


John Phan - Owner, Phanner's Barbershop, located in Ward 11:


As a small business owner in Ward 11, I’ve seen first hand the lengths Jeremy will go to in order to support his neighbours and his community.  I am confident he would continue and grow those efforts if he was a member of City Council.  


Murray Jones, Treasurer, Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario Board of Directors:

"I met Jeremy while he was working at Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario, where I serve as a board member.  I was impressed with his contributions to the community, his ability to communicate, and his care. The city will benefit by having Jeremy on City Council."


Lam Ngo - Owner, Vietnam Restaurant:
"I’ve known Jeremy as a volunteer and fellow dad for a number of years.  If every City Council member were to care as much about supporting small business and about Londoners that are struggling as Jeremy does, then our city would be in great hands for future generations"



Justin Paisley - Former Dad Club London founding Board Member, EA, Cyclist:

"Whether or not you know Jeremy, he can be easily recognized. Standing at nearly 6’10", he’s most likely the tallest person in that room. The only thing that’s bigger than him is his heart.

The year was 2014. I had been a stay at home dad for almost a year. In a world where I felt I was often the only dad at playgrounds or play groups, and that my fellow dad friends were all at work, I was feeling alone.


What came along? Dad Club London.

I reached out to Dad Club London at the end of 2014 and, long story short, have been a member ever since.


I have had the absolute privilege of working closely with Jeremy on the Board of Directors and helping organize a variety of events.


From meet ups to fundraising for other non-profit organizations in London, to helping families in the community, Jeremy sees what is needed. With Dad Club London, which has more members than I can count, I have always been impressed with Jeremy’s memory for names of Dads, the jobs they do, even their kids names!

Jeremy has a talent in foreseeing what’s in need for the London community. In recognizing that there was a gap for a community of dads, he then took the lead on fundraising for fellow non-profit organizations such as Anova, life-saving projects like purchasing AEDs for TVDSB and starting a food bank at SafeSpace, and helping people pay for their rent and groceries and other essentials during the pandemic.


If you have concerns about your neighborhood that haven’t been addressed, I am confident that Jeremy will fight for what’s needed in Ward 11 and will see them through to your full satisfaction. He personifies resilience and kindness.


I do live JUST outside of the boundaries of Ward 11, but I assure you that if I did live in this fine London neighbourhood, Jeremy would have my vote."


Ken Coffin, Ward 11 Father and new Londoner during COVID:

"Jeremy was the first person to welcome me and my family to London. He helped me get connected with other Dads so I could become involved in the community for both myself and my daughter. Jeremy isn’t a “politician” and that’s exactly why I am backing him. He cares more about helping others than anyone I have ever met, I know he will actually keep to his words on making ward 11 better for everyone!"


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