Effective campaigns cost money.  But I will honour and respect every dollar you share.

if you'd prefer cheque, cash, or e-transfer please send or reach out to jer@jmccall.net 

I realize that we are in extraordinarily difficult times, and that food and gas and housing are through the roof.  

I realize that for many families in 2022, every dollar counts.

I have a dream to continue to develop and grow Ward 11 as a safe, clean, welcoming place to live and raise a family, and for London to be a diverse and environmentally friendly city, with opportunity and support for all, and a reasonable cost of living. 

I hate the idea of spending money on a political campaign, but am also up against another very qualified and well-supported candidate.  

I promise to be as dilligent and frugal with your hard earned dollars as possible.  


  • Municipal Donations are unfortunately not tax receiptable

  • You must be an Ontario resident to donate

  • Donations can only be from people, no unions or companies

  • You can give a maximum of $1,200 to me and $5,000 total across ALL candidates

Thank you for your support!