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Transparency should be expected from elected officials

Updated October 17, 2022


My Campaign Team:

I have seven unofficial campaign advisors (3 current elected officials, 2 former city councillors, 2 former campaign managers for previous candidates).  They assist with strategy on an informal basis.  None of them are serving an official capacity, but I do ask them questions when I'm unclear and they generally help.


I have three designers. Please reach out if you like my branding and would like a referral.  


I have a communications person.  He is a lawyer and a former journalist and political staffer.  He proof reads and provides feedback on any campaign communication outside of my blog.  My blog is my own research, writing and editing.  I believe heavily on being able to stand on my own two feet with no outside influence.  

I have found a campaign manager, and am covering her expenses.  She has lots of experience in leadership and organized labour, and is currently a person living in poverty in Rent Geared to Income housing.  

I have had a total of 22 volunteers dropping flyers, knocking doors, and installing signs.  None of them are helping on behalf of any political party, union, or other special interest group

I have removed all names as of October 17th, as my campaign is receiving written threats against it.  This is done for their own safety.  

I am not affiliated with any political parties. No donors are funnelled to me by any political parties, nor are any campaign staff or volunteers.  

My campaign donations:

The Municipal Elections Act requires all campaign finances to be submitted by March 2023 . The report includes the name and amount of every donor of $101 or more.  


My donors list with publicly disclosable donations can be found here (google drive spreadsheet)

My campaign expenses:

I have treated all donations with utmost care, funnelling them to as many local suppliers as possible, and only spending when necessary.  

My spending to date can be found here (google drive spreadsheet)

My charitable giving:

I believe talk is cheap and actions are everything.  Who your elected officials support with their own money is a fair question, in my opinion.

Here are links to who I support with donations:

Personal Donations year by year (Google drive spreadsheet)

Dad Club London Donations year by year (Google drive spreadsheet)

My Income:

Where and how politicians are paid is a valid concern for constituents.  

My income from 2019 to present has been from Hutton House and from investment income.  

My 2021 taxable income was $61.493.00

Prior to 2019, employers are all listed chronologically on my LinkedIn profile

My taxes are prepared by Derek Brochu of Brochu and Associates annually.


My ownership:


My wife and I own a home in Ward 11.  We own two family vehicles. 


We do not own a boat, trailer, RV, or any recreational vehicles. 

We do not own any rental properties.


We do not own a cottage or any other vacation properties, and instead rent one for a week every summer for more than we can probably afford, but it's worth it for the experience and memories.  


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